Has your company been hacked? Fight back, with a solid Atlanta security breach response.

We’ll quickly investigate, and explain what happened, as well as the damage. After completing remediation to get things back to normal, Harmony Group IT can help ensure it won’t happen again.

Could you have been victimized by one of these hacks? We can help.

Attackers encrypted your data, making it unavailable unless you pay a ransom.

A worker clicked in a ‘phishing’ email, letting criminals access or infect your network.

Scammers managed to steal customer data to sell to other scammers.

A disgruntled employee uses their access to damage or delete important files.

Tips & Solutions from the cybersecurity pro’s:

Is all your company data backed up?

You: Regular backups of all data online or on local drives

Us: New super-secure, quickly accessible ‘immutable backups’ 

Is your data too easy to access?

You: Decide who needs access to each data set & operation

Us: We’ll set up access privileges and ‘2FA’ for each employee

Are employees unaware of potential security risks?

You: Discuss security awareness with your employees

Us: We’ll develop custom company-wide IT Security Protocols

Is your business email truly secure?

You: Have employees regularly change their passwords

Us: The latest defensive measures for future email security

What will we
do to help?

We’ll move quickly to get your network operational again, minimizing any downtime, so everyone can get back to work.

We’ll restore your data, software, and custom settings as much as technically possible, depending on the circumstances, and available backups.

We’ll recreate and rebuild whatever can’t be restored, this time with security restructuring to help protect you against future attacks.

We’ll perform regular software security upgrades and other actions to defend your company against new, evolving forms of cybercrime.

“You're always so prompt with your responses. I don't have to sit around wondering what's going on.” – C.V.

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Security breaches can typically be minimized or avoided with pro-active IT planning and management.

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