Something’s not working, but why? It’s time for the Atlanta IT troubleshooting experts.

Get clear explanations of what’s wrong, and the best options for getting it remedied. Harmony Group IT can then put measures in place to help ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Do these common issues sound familiar? We can help!

You get a software error alert that doesn’t explain the problem – or the fix.

You suddenly can’t log into an account, open an app, or find or access your files.

An office printer that jams every time it’s used, frustrating everyone.

App delays or crashes, even though the same action worked fine yesterday.

Tips & Solutions from the IT troubleshooting pro’s:

Hard drive slowing, or showing other signs of failing?

You: Back up all its data immediately.

Us: We’ll replace the drive and re-load your data. 

Printer not printing?

You: Try clearing the print queue and trying again.

Us: If needed, we can source and replace a corrupted driver.

Trouble getting online?

You: Check internet cables and connections.

Us: If those are okay, we’ll begin with restarting the router.

Business emails being marked as spam?

You: ‘Whitelist’ your regular business contacts.

Us: We’ll locate and adjust the various spam filter settings.

What’s the
first step?

IT troubleshooting begins with a careful analysis will help us isolate the culprit among a number of possible causes.

This may be relatively simple, or it can be complex if the issue has cascaded, affecting other software or hardware components.

Based on years of IT troubleshooting experience, we know where to begin, which naturally reduces your costs and any downtime.

Whether working remotely or on-site, we keep the future in mind when recommending what makes sense to keep, update, or replace today.

“I always feel so comfortable when you help me.
I can always ask for your help.” – C.L.

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